Your Aunt Has a Deal: Vote Nov. 6, and She’ll Stop Embarrassing You on Instagram

Another generational message aims to get millennials to the polls

One vote could mean an end to cringe-inducing comments from an older relative thanks to The Big Deal 2018. Hook Studios
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Millennials and voting-age Gen Z Americans are a huge focus of attention in this year’s get-out-the-vote efforts, largely because, if they break their pattern of low turnout at the polls, they could have a huge impact on the Nov. 6 midterm elections.

Not all ads taking a generational approach have been roundly praised. Some felt a snarky campaign that recently pitted Baby Boomers against millennials was ageist and insulting to older voters.  So can you strike a balance of poking fun at voters of a certain age without seeming divisive?

Creative agency Hook Studios, based in Ann Arbor, Michigan, has made a solid attempt to strike that balance with its new campaign, The Big Deal 2018.

The concept? Older relatives promise to stop leaving (often cringe-inducing) comments on young people’s social media posts—as soon as the younger folks post photos with “I Voted” stickers.

The launch spot for the campaign, while admittedly over the top in its portrayal of an obnoxiously over-observant aunt, features some pitch-perfect delivery and comic timing:

The campaign site features a form letting those of us among the elder set sign up to make a similar “Big Deal” with our own younger relatives.

“For some people, voting is a civic duty. For others it’s a symbol of freedom and liberty. But that doesn’t always resonate with young people,” says Ronnie Lee, creative director at Hook Studios. “Perhaps we should loosen up and give them something they care about: no more ‘mom’ or ‘dad’ jokes if they vote.”

And, of course, there are GIFs. With lines like “Won’t that aggravate your IBS?”, the campaign memes highlight the kinds of comments you could avoid seeing—for the rest of your life—with this arrangement.

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