10 Ingenious Charging Devices to Keep Your Phone Alive Anywhere

Headshot of Alfred Maskeroni

Are you constantly checking the battery level of your phone? Do you have a tiny panic attack when it dips below 20 percent? You’re not alone— many suffer from “nomophobia,” an abbreviation of “no mobile phone phobia,” which basically means you fear being without your phone or being unable to use it. Luckily, there’s an entire shoulder industry built around keeping even the most voracious mobile consumer powered up. The charging industry is built on a simple premise: battery technology can’t keep up with the demand of the exponentially evolving processors.

Anton Ljunggren, director of industrial design at BioLite, explains. “Our mobile energy needs are quickly growing. Simultaneously, our devices are getting increasingly thinner and lighter,” he says. “While batteries have improved, the promised breakthroughs of super capacitors and organic cells that would dramatically increase energy density, charge speed and cycle time mostly remain promises without fruition.”

From the pragmatic to the extraordinary to the absurd, these devices will help you stay powered up. Take heart, nomophobes! Adweek’s got you covered.

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