10 More News Organizations To Follow On Pinterest

If you’re ready to hop aboard the Pinterest bandwagon but don’t know where to start, looking to other news organizations can serve as a source of inspiration. We’ve already shared five ways journalists can use Pinterest, five organizations to follow and how The Wall Street Journal is using the new social pinboard. Here are five more organizations to follow — and possibly to mimic if you like their ideas.

1. ProPublica

Board worth noting: ProPublica’s Fracking Board is a visual way for readers to follow a topic extensively covered by the news organization.

2. LA Times

Board worth noting: LA Times’ Unusual Destinations board goes beyond the basic travel board to call out destinations around a theme.


3. Chicago Tribune

Board worth noting: The Chicago History board is a unique way to highlight archive content, which news organizations have a wealth of, but no easy way to highlight it regularly.



Board worth noting: USA Today’s Organize Your Life board features ways to organize your junk. These pins don’t necessarily link back to original USA Today articles, but are a curation of other pins. Keep in mind that Pinterest isn’t just a way of promoting your own organization’s content, but a way for your experts to find the best of others’ content.


5. GOOD Magazine

Board worth noting: GOOD has always had top-notch, beautiful infographics that lend themselves toward sharability online. Their Infographics board exhibits those graphics front and center.


6. Newser

Board worth noting: Newser’s Last Meals board is an example of sharing news content visually through Pinterest. It shows images of famous criminals’ last meals.


7. TechCrunch

Board worth noting: TechCrunch’s Need to Read board is a nice way of collecting covers for a suggested reading list.


8. The Boston Globe

Board worth noting: The Globe’s Weddings board, cliche as it may seem, is exactly the kind of content that has high shareability on a site like Pinterest, which many brides and grooms can use as a digital scrapbook for wedding planning.


9. Grist

Boards worth noting: The environmentally-focused news organization does a great job curating fun, interesting pins about bicycling in the Everyday I’m Cyclin’ board. Not all of it necessarily has high utility, but the images are fun to  look at.


10. The Guardian

Board worth noting: The Guardian’s Infographics 1858-Present board visually conveys news and allows the organization to highlight interesting graphics from its archives.

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