12 Brands That Took the #NationalPoetryDay Challenge

poetry day

For the average American, any interest in poetry began and ended with nursery school rhymes and childish limericks. And you may be shocked to learn that the same is true for brands and other properties on social media!

Because National Poetry Day is a legitimate holiday (established in 1994 by, of course, British people), it is also an opportunity for social media managers and copywriters to use a hashtag and hope for a little extra attention — hence this listicle!

Let’s start with the serious stuff…

1. The Metropolitan Museum of Art

This smiling tiger is really digging the fearful symmetry, isn’t he?

2. Charmin

Somebody’s agency was all over this one.

The copywriter then began to confuse poetry with hip-hop (a common mistake):

3. Milk Bone

We would point out that violets are, by definition, not blue. But that never stopped anyone before.

4. Sonic

Hey, they stuck to the form!

5. Stride

The poetic equivalent of “Ah, screw it.

stride facebook

6. Orphan Black

Our favorite current sci-fi series (shut up, Whovians!) may not have won the “Best Supporting Dreadlocks” Emmy it so clearly deserved, but no other drama competed in this category.

7. Whisper

Oh, look — the cool kids can play too.

8. Quaker

Not quite as odd as Sonic, but still technically haiku.

9. Fallon Tonight

At least Fallon got to laugh at jokes that weren’t his own this time.

10. Zipcar

We’ll still be referencing Jimmy McMillan in 50 years, won’t we?

11. The Hunger Games

Who knew Katniss had time to rhyme? (No, we didn’t read the books.)

12. The Book of Mormon in London

And we didn’t see this on Broadway with the original cast either, dammit.

BONUS: Unnamed British schoolkid

We have a winner, ladies and gentlemen. Not even close.

Another holiday hashtag down…

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