12 Reddit Posts That Ruled the Internet in 2014

Reddit has become the Internet's worst-kept secret, now with 175 million monthly visitors, according to its own stats. Still, it can feel like a hidden corner of the Web, as sparse as Craigslist but as deep as Google.

Traffic doubled in the past year, and the self-described "front page of the Internet" is now a major online media hub, where anything can find an audience. Reddit users themselves determine what content will rise to the site's most prominent position, the FrontPage, determined by the net result of upvotes and downvotes.

In 2014, the company saw the return of its cofounder Alexis Ohanian to the board, and it raised $50 million, partially from Snoop Dogg. Perhaps its biggest moment was dubbed "The Fappening" (fap being slang for masturbation) when Reddit users became the main distributors of hacked celebrity nude photos, the ones stolen from Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Upton and dozens of others.

However, aside from those more salacious posts, there were many enjoyable, entertaining, sometimes heartwarming and always captivating conversations on Reddit. There were stories of people helping people and fascinating opportunities for Reddit users to share their talents, even if one of those talents was taking pictures of butt cracks.

Reddit users post their own links to what interests them online. Here is a look back at the year on Reddit and what made it to the top of the site with the most upvotes: