15 Buzzwords and Phrases to Avoid in 2015


It’s that time of year again. No, not the week before Christmas — it’s buzzword buzzsaw time. Our friends at UK firm Houston PR have updated the semi-famous feature created to tell you whether the industry catchphrases you heard in so many press releases and presentations this year need to follow this guy’s lead and quit while they’re ahead.

Last year saw the induction of such winners as “evangelist,” “deliverables,” and our personal (least) favorite, “SoLoMo,” to the buzzword hall of infamy.

This year, Houston MD Hamish Thompson has even more words for you to avoid using in 2015!

As before, we’ve picked a few and offered some alternate translations…but you probably shouldn’t use those either.

15. Snackable content: “NLE;DR: not long enough; didn’t read”

14. Co-opetition: “Haters gonna hate each other together

13. Negativity: “Reality”

12. Landmark achievement: “An event scheduled outside the local Landmark Cinema”

11. Big Data: “Big(ger) Revenue”

10. Collegiate approach: “Amateur Hour”

9. Optimal opportunities: “All the water we can squeeze out of a rock”

8. Global provider: “Habla Ingles y Espanol”

7. Market-leading: “Newest client”

6. Unmatched capabilities: “Competitors? What competitors?!”

5. Blue Sky Thinking: “Irrationally annoying optimism”

4. Solutioning: “Taking lots of coffee breaks”

3. Next-generation: “Updates available in the Android/iTunes store now!”

2. Horizon-scanning: “Learning to use Google”

1. So to speak: “Ignore everything I just said”

Now please help us out in the spirit of the holiday, readers: which other terms of non-endearment need to meet the buzzsaw in 2014?

@PatrickCoffee patrick.coffee@adweek.com Patrick Coffee is a senior editor for Adweek.
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