19 Brands That Teased Our Tastebuds on #NationalChocolateDay


In the mood for some (literally) sweet “food porn” today?

This maybe-not-real holiday just happens to occur right before Halloween, and wouldn’t you know that it was also created by The National Confectioners Association?

Still, we are OK with chocolate — so we will share a few brands that managed to get in on the theme on social today.

1. Domino’s

We’ll start with the Awkward Juxtapositions category, because while we know the chocolate does not go on the pizza, these are two great tastes that will NEVER taste great together.

2. Quaker

Oats and chocolate…is this combination healthy or not? And do we even care?

3. Numi Organic Tea

OK, this one is definitely healthier. But we can’t eat it…

4. Girl Scouts of America

That said, we all know that Samoas are the best, right?

Girl Scouts Chocolate

5. USA Today

File under “let’s see how far we can stretch this idea”:


No chocolate in your products? No problem!

7. Shocktop

Note: beer is included as well.

8. Williams Sonoma

Every brand seems to love sharing chocolate recipes.

9. Whole Foods

Some go light…

10. Food Network 

While others go all Ina.

11. ONE Campaign

Want to make sure your sweets are fair trade?

12. Nordstrom

Why yes. Yes it is.

13. What to Expect

Especially for people expecting company (or so we’ve heard).

14. Kohl’s

…just don’t get it on your clothes.

15. Chobani

How did you know?

16. WebMD

So maybe 50 Shades of Grey just needs a little chocolate infusion, huh?

17. Estee Lauder

Don’t be modest.

18. Pizza Hut

There we go!

19. Disneyland

Finally, a warning: don’t do what Disneyland says unless you want to drag a bunch of exhausted kids around. Let them deal with their decisions the day after Halloween.

Now which brands or types of chocolate did we miss?

@PatrickCoffee patrick.coffee@adweek.com Patrick Coffee is a senior editor for Adweek.