20% Of Publishers Generate 10% of Income From eBooks: Aptara Study

One out of five eBook publishers makes more than 10% of their revenues from eBooks says a new study on eBook publishing from Aptara, a digital publishing company. For the study Aptara tracked eBook trends for more than 1,300 book publishers including trade, education, professional and corporate markets.

Interestingly, the study found that eBook production is growing rapidly in the trade category. eBook production for trade publishers rose from 50% to 76% in two years.

Not surprisingly, the study reports that Amazon continues to dominate eBook distribution, but ePUB is on the rise and is getting more market share these days. In fact, Amazon helps trade publishers the most with sales, even though a smaller amount of trade content is distributed through Amazon. Even though trade publishers put out eBooks through all of the main eBook retailers, Amazon produces 43% of trade sales.

The study also found that two thirds of eBook publishers have not converted backlist titles to eBooks.


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