Music Journalist Thanks the VIP Gods

After partaking in downtown LA’s recent 2011 FYF Fest, music journalist Benjamin Pearson has nothing but praise for the event’s execution and new partnership with promoter Goldenvoice. He also, belatedly, shares a gigantic high-five for the way he, as a media member, was treated over Labor Day weekend:

The best decision FYF made this year was to let all us media types into a special VIP section so that our feelings of self-worth would be validated. We strolled on over feeling super-important, staring at the younger, hipper, wealthier non-VIP concert attendees through the chainlink fence.

We stumbled upon an area with swanky couches and a chalkboard that said “Media Lounge.” As it turns out, the makers-promoters of brand name alcohols really appreciate just how difficult the work of a music journalist is, so they decided to express their appreciation by constructing an enjoyable place for us to rest, filled with women who wanted to talk to us about Sailor Jerry Rum.

Complimentary libations do have their downside, however. Pearson goes on to explain that after conducting–with band Future Islands–quite possibly the “greatest interview in music journalism history,” he later discovered that he had failed to record the conversation on his pocket-sized device. Blame Sailor Jerry.

@hollywoodspin Richard Horgan is co-editor of Fishbowl.
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