Eight Months Later, Princess Grace Flick is Still a Turkey

GraceofMonacoThe Daily Telegraph’s Robbie Collin recently shared all you really need to know about Grace of Monaco, a biographical drama that died an instant death as this year’s Cannes Film Festival gala opener. In his “Five Worst Films of 2014” rundown, here’s how Collin summarizes the action:

Nicole Kidman stumbles through a Lynchian Ferrero Rocher advert, while Derek Jacobi stands on the sidelines with a parrot.

Polly wants a better Rotten Tomatoes rating. But alas, that isn’t going to happen, with the film still not theatrically released in the U.S. and likely to curtsy quietly to Netflix.

If the principality of Monaco was as evil as North Korea, they might well be threatening Bob and Harvey with annihilation for this desecration. As it stands, we’ll leave you with one more quick evaluation by B.H. Martin, from the land of equally revered royalty:

It’s a right Royal cock-up.

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