The 2018 Honda Accord’s Trophy TV Campaign Parked on Facebook, Twitter

Users can nominate their friends for ‘personalized awards’

Honda will donate $1 for every custom video trophy that is created, up to $50,000 - Credit by Honda/RPA
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In the television campaign for the 2018 Honda Accord, trophies come to life and spread the message that no matter how successful you are, you can always improve.

The automaker extended the initiative to Facebook and Twitter, launching a social campaign that will run through March and allow people to nominate their friends on those social networks for “personalized awards” to acknowledge their “achievements.”

The Facebook and Twitter campaign is made up of 76 “contextually focused, narrow” audience nomination videos, as well as six broad audience videos, and users can nominate their friends in categories such as “Biggest Armchair Quarterback” and “Biggest Undiscovered Singer.”

The campaign has a charitable component, as well: Honda will donate $1 for every custom video trophy that is created, up to $50,000, aligning the charities with the subject matter of the videos (if a sports award is created, the money goes to a sport-related charity).

Honda worked with Los Angeles ad agency RPA on the campaign, and RPA said that in the first week for the social component, it topped core engagement rates on Twitter by 543 percent, and the first flight of posts on Facebook resulted in nearly 550 nominations, or an average of 74 per video.

RPA said it will tie the campaign to “tentpole events,” such as awards shows, adding, “To make sure that such a robust array of content reached the appropriate audiences—some that are quite niche and specific—the brand utilized up to three layers of targeting on the social platforms to maximize context relevance.”

Honda Accord Trophy Talk Social Media Campaign:

Client: American Honda Motor

Susie Rossick, assistant vice president, Honda Automotive Marketing

Jessica Fini, manager, Honda and Acura Social Marketing

Allie Coulter, assistant manager, Honda and Acura Social Marketing

Melly Ramirez, social media, Honda and Acura

Agency: RPA

Executive vp/chief creative officer: Joe Baratelli

Senior vp/chief, creative development: Jason Sperling

Vp/creative director, social media: J Barbush

Vp/creative director: Chuck Blackwell

Vp/creative director: Ken Pappanduros

Associate creative director, social media: Romeo Cervas

Copywriter, social media: Corlin Stubbs

Art director, social media: Adrianne Benzion

Copywriter, social media: David Bassine

Executive vp/chief production officer: Gary Paticoff

Vp/director of video production: Isadora Chesler

Vp/director of digital production: Dave Brezinski

Senior digital producer: Alison Banna

Digital producer: Connor Gomez

Associate director of business affairs: KK Davis

Executive vp/chief client officer: Brett Bender

Senior vp/group account director: Adam Blankenship

Account supervisor: Kaelin McGill

Account executive: Wynt Curliano

Assistant account executive: Sam Cody

Vp/associate director, digital strategy: Mike Dossett

Manager, digital strategy: Hartman Wong

Specialist, digital strategy: Hanna Samad

Supervisor, community management: Samantha Hawkins

Community manager: Taylor Griffin

Media director: Felicia Lau

Media supervisor: Brandon Liu

Media planner: Kaileigh Ceurvorst

Production studio: MPC London

Executive producer: Dan Phillips

Technical director: Willian Munhoz

Interactive creative director: Andre Assalino

Creative director: Mike Tyler

Senior interactive producer: Kelly Woodward

Interactive producer: Sinead Catney

Senior real-time dev: Stefan Johansson

Real-time CG artist: Piers Limberg

UX design: Jon Atkin

QA testing: Zounou

Production manager: Chris Preston-Barnes

Animation: Debasish Raha. Devevendran Venkatesan, Ambalika Nandy, Srikar Balakrishnan

Rigging: Debalina Dasgupta, Subbaiah Adanki

3D qsset build: Kalaiarasu Puhalendhi, Kartik Gupta, Craig S Padua

VFX Studio: MPC LA and MPC NY


Executive producer: Karen Anderson

VFX supervisor: Ryan McDougal

CG supervisors/lighting /look development: Tim Kafka, Rune Mansson

2D lead: Toya Drechsler

Animation: Ryan McDougal, Dave White, Tim Kafka, Rune Mansson, Clement Renaudin

2D compositors: Oliver Caiden, David Ince

Animation: Samir Patel, Andrew Price,Jacob Patrick

Modeling: Lamarcus Harvey, Joel Durham

Rigging: Lyndsey Horton, Meghan Sesnie

Lighting: Dennys Herman


Executive producer: Karen Anderson

Producer: Catherine M. Fischer

VFX supervisor: Tiago Dias

3D team: Graeme Revell, Jacob Fradkin, Madeline Jackson, Francisco Fraga, Roberto Maki

2D leads: Ruairi Twohig, Renato Carone

Music: Shindig Music + Sound

Creative director/partner: Scott Glenn

Executive producer/partner: Debbi Landon

Engineer/partner: Dan Hart

Head of production: Caroline O’Sullivan

Composer: Greg Chun David Cohen is editor of Adweek's Social Pro Daily.
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