21,000 Jobs Lost and 67 Newspapers Gone In 2008

Last week it was the Reno Gazette-Journal that lost 10 percent (roughly 35) of its staff and knocked out one of its local editions, the Carson Times. The day before that it was the Honolulu Star-Bulletin that laid off 23 employees and cut a significant number of pages in its daily publication.
Whoa! Having trouble keeping up with all these changes? Why not check out paper cuts. This interactive map and blog keeps a daily total of all the downsizes, layoffs and cut backs in the newspaper industry. So far this year, the website has logged 8,097 job cuts. At the end of last year, the website found that over 21,000 jobs in the industry had been cut and 67 newspapers had been taken off the market. If the count continues the way it is, we should surpass that number by December.

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