iPad Mini Screen Turns Up in the Hands of a Parts Supplier

Apple is expected to unveil the iPad Mini next Tuesday, but despite of all the rumors about this tablet, I never really believed it was going to have a 7.85″ screen. It looks like I was wrong.

eTrade Supply got their hands on what they are claiming is the screen from the iPad Mini. They’re reporting that it measures 162mm by 124mm, making it just the right size to fit the iPad Mini. They also have what could be the battery for the iPad Mini, though that part is less important and convincing.

I don’t know about you, but now I believe in the iPad Mini. In spite of all the many rumors which have circulated I never really believed any of them. Words are cheap and it is easy to make stuff up. But parts are more difficult to fake. It would take a dedicated trickster to fake this photo, which I don’t think it is.

eTrade Supply is effectively putting their business reputation on the line. If they say it fits the same size as the iPad Mini screen you can trust that data as much as any other info on parts they carry.

And that’s why I trust component leaks like this one. A blog might fake something just to post a good story but a parts supplier wouldn’t feel the same pressure.

eTrade Supply

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