2K’s NHL 2K Skates onto iOS, Android

NHL 2K2K has today announced the launch of NHL 2K on mobile devices. The game was developed by Visual Concepts, a 2K studio, in partnership with Virtuos, and introduces players to multiple gameplay modes, including a new My Career mode for shaping and living the career of a custom hockey player (this mode lasts multiple seasons). Another new mode, Mini Rink, allows players to compete in “competitive and fast-paced” three-on-three matches.

NHL 2K offers newly enhanced graphics and updated rosters (with live roster updates), as well as classic game modes like NHL Winter Classic, Free Skate and Shootout. Season mode is also available, as users choose their favorite real-world team and follow them through the full NHL season.

The game offers support for multiple save files in the My Career and Season modes, as well as easy access to “Quick Games” for on-the-go competition. In addition, the game includes an asynchronous multiplayer option in turn-based shootouts, so users aren’t required to play the game at the same time as their friends to actually engage with them.

As players create Quick Games, they can tweak a variety of options and rules, from the length of a period to the difficulty level of the game, among others. While playing, users have access to two control layouts: classic and one finger. In the classic control mode, users have a directional pad for movement and action buttons for passing, shooting, checking opponents and so on.

With one finger control, users tap and hold on the screen to direct their active player around the ice. Tapping on teammates swaps control to that player, and users tap on the their active player to take shots.

“The team worked closely with Virtuos to build a game that provides sports fans with a fun and convenient way to experience the hard-hitting action of the NHL,” said Greg Thomas, president of Visual Concepts, in a statement. “With the start of the new season days away, now is a great time to provide the millions of NHL fans on iOS and Android devices with a full-featured professional hockey game they’ve been asking for.”

NHL 2K is available to download for $7.99 on the iTunes App Store and Google Play. The app supports MFi controllers, as well as GameCenter and iCloud on iOS.