32 Percent Of People Tweet While They Eat [REPORT]

If you’re someone who’s aware of social norms enough to put down the smartphone while you eat, you’re quickly becoming the minority. More and more often, people are tweeting from the table, according to a new study.

The Hartman Group surveyed 1,641 adult U.S. consumers ages 18-64, between December 5th and 11th. And plenty of those adults are too worried about missing a single tweet to take a break while they eat.

29 percent of the respondents say they have used a social networking site while eating or drinking at home, and an additional 19 percent have tweeted or updated their statuses while at a restaurant.

Millenials are the most likely to tweet and eat, with nearly half (47 percent) admitting to using their phones, tablets or laptops to access social media while they chowed down.

And lunchtime apparently garners the most tweeting, but social media use is spread out evenly among the other meals of the day.

But what are people doing on social media while they eat? 24 percent of respondents say they engage in conversations about food, 21 percent are on the lookout for recipes, and another 21 percent are interested in finding coupons and deals.

Food and social networking are paired in other ways, too. Consumers are influenced in their eating habits by what they read about food on their social networks. They are more likely to try a new restaurant if they read about it on Twitter, or experiment in their own kitchens with a new recipe that they found on Facebook. A full 46 percent of those surveyed said they read more about food online than in print, and 31 percent say it’s equal.

So what about you? Do you tweet and eat? Let us know in the comments below.

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