5 Children’s Book App Publishing Experts To Watch

For some publishers, eBooks are a scary brave new world. To help these folks navigate the waters of the digital publishing revolution and learn by example, we’ve put together a list of some of the leaders in the eBook and app world. It is worth exploring the work of these leading app makers. We’ve listed 5 innovators whose work we are watching.

We have been doing a series of posts listing leaders in the various aspects of the eBook business — from digital publishers, to app makers and eBook formatting gurus. (Check out our list of 5 eBook publishing experts to watch and our list of 5 eBook authors to watch). Feel free to recommend your eBook publishing experts in the comments section.

5 Children’s Book App Publishing Experts To Watch

Umesh Shukla, Founder of Auryn. A graduate of Walt Disney Feature Animation and DreamWorks Feature Animation, Shukla is an animator and designer that founded Auryn, a company that makes interactive apps with understated drawings such as Teddy’s Day, Teddy’s Night and Shadow of the Elves.

Rick Richter, Founder/CEO of Ruckus Media. Richter is a long time publishing industry veteran who spent more than a decade at Simon & Schuster before creating a start up that turns children’s books like The Velveteen Rabbit and My Little Pony into interactive experiences featuring the voices of famous actors.

Michel Kripalani, President of Oceanhouse Media. Kripalani is an app publishing veteran, leading a company that creates many of the great children’s book apps that rank high on the top grossing apps lists including all of the Dr. Seuss apps, the Berenstain Bears apps and Mercer Mayer apps.

Kate Wilson, Managing Director of Nosy Crow. Wilson took a public domain children’s book The Three Little Pigs and turned it into an interactive app for her company, which made more than 1 million pounds its first year in business.

Tamar Hochstadter, Art Director at Touchoo. Hochstadter creates original children’s books such as Chicken in the Kitchen and Benny the Cat.

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