5 Ways To Fail At Facebook Marketing

Marketing on Facebook can entice customers to check out your wares, but you've got to follow some simple rules to make it work.

Use caution in leveraging the millions of Facebook users or your marketing will take a dive.

Here are five things you’ll want to avoid doing.

1. Don’t understand your audience

Recently, Target launched a Facebook marketing campaign based on not only a deep understanding of its audience, but the willingness to have fun.

The retailer used the thumbs-up as a game show buzzer, with daily deals for the first 1,000 users to click.

Also, there was a “Make Summer Funner” campaign where users could spin wheels and make maps for buried treasure to take their minds off their troubles. Target knows its customer is a shopper seeking an especially fun experience, not only in the stores, but online. Just as with any other successful market launch, demographics first, ideas second, implementation third. If you skip the first step, the other two are for naught.

2. Don’t use your imagination

Victoria’s Secret just announced a new campaign involved their iconic angel wings worn by the models. The lingerie retailer placed a set of wings in a very public place on Broadway in New York City for any regular Jane to try on and snap a photo or two, then post those on the Victoria’s Secret page. Those who fancy themselves VC material will get the chance to see how they really look in the wings and involve the retailer’s prime customers in a very intimate way.

3. Don’t keep up with your marketing efforts

Groupon is using Facebook to push special deals to fans in different cities.

The Groupon Chicago page scrolls a message behind a virtual plane dragging a banner that claims 2.7 million Facebook users have connected. It’s a fun page with a direct link to deals, reinforcing that not only do you have to get fans to a page, but you have to deliver or risk losing them.

4. Don’t build relationships with fans

Get to know your influencers and provide them with rewards. You can do this by lending them special recognition or first crack at a new product rollout. They’ll talk about it downline, building your numbers.

Provide your fans with a place for feedback – a mini focus group of sorts. Most consumers are happy to let company owners what they’re doing right… or wrong.

5. Don’t hire social media experts

Facebook membership is growing you’ll need to keep up with that. Keeping visitors engaged is critical and might take an extra hand who specializes in social media to really make it work.

Just throwing up a page and forgetting to tend it spells disaster. After all, likes and friends provides an exponential business model that will lend your business higher visibility than ever before.

In short, go long and spend the time making your Facebook marketing plan all that it can be. Spending time not only up front, but throughout your marketing campaign means positive results and money well spent.

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