5 Types Of Tweets That Will Get You Retweeted

One of the golden currencies of Twitter is the retweet. When someone retweets you, they’re telling their followers that you’ve got something interesting to say. But getting retweeted isn’t an easy task – you’ve got to offer something new and interesting to your followers, which can be difficult to do consistently. If you’re having some trouble in this area, we’ve got five types of tweets that will get you retweeted, so you can start impressing the Twitterverse with your insight.

When implementing any of these types of tweets, just be sure that you are being consistent in your branding. You don’t want to tweet something that could damage your online presence, so steer clear of anything that might put your brand in a bad light.

Don’t shy away from controversy

If you want to get retweeted, say something controversial. Comment on a hashtag or a popular news story, but don’t just repeat what you think people will want to hear: try digging deep and getting at how you really feel, in 140-characters or less.

Controversy is popular both on and off Twitter, because people love to agree or disagree with others’ opinions. If you have something controversial to say, don’t be shy! You’ll more likely than not find your tweet spreading around the Twitterverse like wildfire, as people share it and throw in their own two cents.

Sprinkle in some quotes

An eternal favorite on Twitter are relevant, insightful quotes from admired public figures. Got something witty to share from Mark Twain? Or something profound from Einstein? Why not pare it down to 140-characters and tweet it out? You’ll get a slew of retweets from people who want to share that pearl of wisdom with their followers.

Quotes resonate with almost everyone, which makes them a powerful way to get a few golden retweets. However, don’t overdo the quotes – people will soon tire of reading the same sentiment repeated by different famous faces on your Twitter feed. If you can find relevant, insightful quotes and use them sparingly, you will likely see your retweet count go way up.

Add some humor

Everyone loves to laugh, and Twitter users are no exception. Go ahead, test this one out: check out the current trending topics right now, and I bet at least one of them is a joke.

Add a touch of humor to your tweets and people will rush to retweet them with an obligatory “LOL” at the end. If you can write a short, 140-character quip about something topical, an observation you made, or something universal to the human condition, you’ll get bonus retweet points, too.

Tweet breaking news

Twitter is a hotspot for breaking news. Share it, comment on it, and retweet it consistently enough, and you’ll soon become part of the avant garde. People will turn to you for their Twitter-based news, and they’ll be eager to retweet to show their followers that they’re on the pulse, just like you.

Join a Hashtag Conversation

Finally, joining in a hashtag conversation can be a great way to get yourself retweeted. Hashtags can be humorous, topical, or completely random, and by adding your own take on them, you’ll put your tweets in front of a wider audience than just your followers. This will increase the chance that you’ll be retweeted, especially if you add something insightful or unique to the hashtag conversation.