Twitter To Surpass 500 Million Registered Users On Wednesday

Facebook might’ve hit the 1 billion user mark this summer, but Twitter is doing all it can to catch up: the network is poised to reach 500 million registered users as early as Wednesday.

In mid-January, we took a look at numbers from Twopcharts which suggested Twitter would reach 500 million users by February 26th. That date has now been moved up to the 22nd, as users are accelerating the pace at which they’re signing up for the microblogging service.

As of the time of writing, Twitter has 498,862,688 registered users. They’re less than 1.2 million away from half a billion, and at the current rate of sign-ups, Twopcharts is calculating they’ll reach this milestone at about 3:45pm ET tomorrow.

Of course, these numbers aren’t coming from Twitter itself, so they’re not official. However, the last official word we heard about the number of users was that they had reached 100 million monthly active users back in September, and their vice president of international strategy let it drop that they had 200 million registered users in April of last year. Twopcharts estimates that they reached 300 million by May.

Twopcharts has been using data from Twitter itself to calculate the number of registered users the network has. They look at ID numbers associated with each account, which are unique and appear to be sequential, starting with number 1 back in May 2006 when Jack Dorsey became the first ever Twitter user.

These ID numbers show that Twitter is just inches away from reaching 500 million users. In the past 24 hours, Twitter saw 894,900 new signups, which makes the 3:45pm ET estimation seem pretty plausible.

If Twitter keeps growing at this rate, it will reach 1 billion users in about a year and a half – but it might even be sooner than that, as its growth continues to accelerate.

(Growth chart image via Shutterstock)

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