505 Games Brings Base-Building Game Battle Islands to Facebook

Battle Islands sees players building a base, recruiting an army and completing single-player or multiplayer battles in a World War II setting.

505 Games has announced the release of Battle Islands on Facebook. Previously released on mobile, Steam and PlayStation 4, the free-to-play base-building combat game takes players to World War II, and challenges them to defend their base and build an army capable of eliminating enemy forces.

In Battle Islands, players build their base and recruit units for their army by gathering and spending supplies, the gameā€™s main resource. Supplies are automatically produced in factories over time (though they must be manually collected), and are stored in supply depots. Gamers can spend supplies on upgrades for most structures on the island, increasing the islandā€™s supply productionĀ or defenses, as examples.

Battle Islands

As players upgrade their command bunker (the baseā€™s headquarters), theyā€™ll unlock additional troop types for recruitment. These troops can also be upgraded to increase their stats. During battle, players deploy their chosen troops near the beach of an enemy island, with these troops automatically attacking nearby structures and defenses.

In addition to single-player campaign battles, players can attack other playersā€™ bases for even more supplies. Itā€™s worth noting, players will lose their deployed troopsĀ even if they survive the battle, and must recruit new units back at their base.

Players earn achievements as they complete specific actions, which reward them with free gold, the gameā€™s premium currency. This goldĀ can be used to speed up building, upgrade and recruitment tasks around theĀ base, or to purchase extra supplies outright, as examples.

Battle Islands

In addition to this Facebook release, Battle Islands has received a new feature called ā€˜Divisions,ā€™ which sees gamersĀ competing against similarly ranked players in weekly tournaments to win bonus supplies.

Finally, PS4 players specifically can now purchase a new Battle Islands Starter Pack for $7.49, whichĀ includes 1,000 gold and an extra engineer. The more engineers on a player’s base, the more building or upgrade actions they can complete simultaneously.

Battle Islands is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store, Google Play and the Amazon Appstore. The game is also available for free on PS4 and SteamĀ for PC.

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