505 Games Launches Ember on iOS

In the role-playing game, users become a hero called the Lightbringer, and they must decide whether to protect fallen stars called Embers, or to use the Embers for their magical powers.

505 Games and N-Fusion Interactive announced the release of Ember on iOS. In the role-playing game, users become a hero called the Lightbringer, and they must decide whether to protect fallen stars called Embers, or to use the Embers for their magical powers.

In Ember, players can explore environments by tapping on the ground to move their characters. The game includes real-time combat, and characters will automatically attack enemies during battles. Users can collect items such as gear, weapons and gold from fallen enemies. Users can also collect loot by interacting with items like boxes or chests in the environment.

Over time, users may collect special weapons or gear items that can give characters special abilities. For instance, one weapon may give a character the ability to quickly attack an enemy twice. Abilities may cost energy to cast, and this energy can be refilled by using energy potions, or by sleeping in the environment.

As heroes¬†gain experience points and level up, players can improve¬†their heroes’ stats by assigning points to four options:¬†strength, dexterity, intellect and vitality.¬†In addition, players can craft new weapons for their heroes to make them stronger.

Elsewhere, users can craft healing food items they can use to heal their characters during battle. Overall, the game’s crafting system allows users to create over 150 items.

In a statement, Jeff Birns, CEO and creative director of N-Fusion Interactive, commented:

Over the past 10 years, our team has bonded together over our love of games like Baldur’s Gate and Diablo. We knew we had to make this game as a love letter to old-school RPGs.¬†If players are looking for a revisit to those golden days of old-school RPGs, they will be right at home with Ember on iOS.

Ember is available to download on the iTunes App Store for $6.99. The game is currently on sale, and the price will increase to $9.99 after the sale ends. Ember is also available to download for $9.99 on PC via Steam.

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