505 Games, N-Fusion Interactive Announce Ember for iOS

ember 650During PAX Prime in Seattle, 505 Games announced its partnership with mobile developer N-Fusion Interactive to publish an original game, Ember, on iOS devices. The game is described as an “in-depth, exploration-based RPG game enchanted with ancient magic and filled with heroic adventure.”

In Ember, players will travel to a land where there was no sun, and Embers fell from the sky. These falling stars became beacons in the dark world, with a group of druids, called the Lightbringers, seeking them out in the land. With a magical ritual, the Lightbrings brought the Embers to life out of a deep sleep. Such magical objects were quickly desired by every party, triggering a war for control.ember 650 2“Ember is a passion project and a game idea we’ve been working on for more than 10 years. Through the collaboration with 505 Games we are finally able to bring this love letter to classic RPGs to life,” said Jeff Birns, CEO and creative director of N-Fusion Interactive. “We are eager to share Ember with the gaming community and hope they will appreciate it as much as we’ve enjoyed creating it over the years.”

Players begin Ember as a Lightbringer, tasked with protecting the Embers in a world “on the brink of collapse.” Players travel through above and underground realms in forests, deserts and even a dark abyss, with the goal of reaching the City of Light. While exploring, a team of multiple characters is present on the screen at the same time, and players will have dialog options as they play, giving them a chance to craft the story with a bit of personal choice. Meanwhile, the game’s major controls look to be isolated to a hot-bar at the bottom of the screen during combat. Players can keep track of their important stats (like their character’s health) via bars on the top left of the screen.

“Ember’s graphic fidelity, gameplay and streaming environments create an unparalleled and immersive gameplay experience that we’re sure fans will love,” added Ian Howe, president of 505 Games.

Ember will be available on iPhone and iPad this fall. Check back soon for more.

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