6 Digital Marketing Stats That Caught Our Eye This Week

Instagram buzz continues, while general ad fraud concerns swell

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Check out these six digital marketing stats that grabbed our attention this week.

1. Insta-shoppers are a thing

Retailers are spending 52 percent of their digital ad budgets on mobile, per a report from online marketing researcher L2. The same research found that Instagram users are 70 percent more likely than people on other social media platforms to purchase items on their smartphones.

2. Walk like an angel

L2 also reported that Victoria's Secret gets 26 percent of total interactions through its influencers, who are chiefly the brand's "Angel" supermodels.

3. Ad worries

Now, we turn our attention to stark realities. The top concern among brand marketers (78 percent) and media buyers (63 percent) is click fraud, according to an April survey from MyersBizNet. Check out eMarketer's report on the research.

4. Terrible news for IE

They should be concerned, according to The Wall Street Journal, which reported that 50 percent of ad impressions served on Internet Explorer were to non-human traffic in a recent FraudLogix study. Among all browsers, IE was the worst-case scenario—comparatively, about 21 percent of Google Chrome impressions were machine-based instead of to actual eyeballs, FraudLogix found.

5. Double the mobile love

Foursquare is testing video ads for post-check-in moments on its Swarm app, and it's revealing positive results. The mobile-tech player said that the ad unit is getting double the engagement—that's a 100 percent better—for its brand clients compared to its standard, in-app units.

6. Serena stance

Nike's latest video calls Serena Williams the greatest athlete of all time. Yep, better than Michael Jordan, better than Muhammad Ali, better than Wayne Gretzky, better than any man or woman. It's an inspiring spot, and the video garnered 113,000 YouTube views and 517,000 Facebook views less than 24 hours after being posted.

Check out "Unlimited Greatness"—created by Wieden+Kennedy—below.

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