7 Digital Marketing Stats That Jumped Out This Week

Snap's rough tumble and holiday ads start rolling out

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From connected home ads to Snap’s earnings, it’s been a busy week for digital marketers. Here are seven stats that stood out this week.

1. Snap’s rough tumble
Evan Spiegel’s rocky relationship with investors continued this week when Snap reported disappointing third-quarter earnings.

Snapchat’s parent company made $208 million during the third quarter, which fell short of the $237 million that analysts expected. Growth was also sluggish with 178 million daily active users, up from 173 million in the second quarter.

Spiegel also talked up a big redesign coming soon, hoping to turn the narrative around. Nonetheless, the company’s stock dropped 20 percent after earnings on Tuesday.

2. Reddit tries to clean up
Reddit has been trying to clean up its act by removing fake news and trolls from its website, and the site plans to undergo its first major redesign in more than a decade.

Here’s one stat that puts Reddit’s scale in perspective: Since last summer, the site has grown from 240 million users to more than 300 million.

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3. AI comes to programmatic
On Monday, ad-tech player AppNexus added machine learning to its ad-buying software, promising to bring new tools to media buyers that help in customizing and targeting campaigns.

While AI is often a buzzword thrown around in ad-tech to simply describe better ad targeting and segmentation, WPP-owned Greenhouse Group has tested AppNexus’ souped-up platform and said that it’s working. Trade times have dropped by 73 percent and received 13 percent better performance compared to when buyers purchased ads manually.

4. Christmas frenzy
British department store John Lewis’ Christmas spots have become one of the most anticipated ads of the year.

This year’s campaign tells the story of a boy named Joe and his friendship with Moz, a creature who lives under his bed.

Within hours of the spot going live on YouTube, it had more than 1.1 million views and it became the No. 6 trending video on the site.

5. Brands prep for GDPR
Speaking of Europe, the General Data Protection Regulation is going into effect on May 25 and will drastically change how companies collect and store data.

According to a study from TrustArc and the International Association of Privacy Professionals that surveyed 500 privacy professionals, 84 percent of U.S. respondents say that they’re prepared for GDPR.

6. Music to my connected home
Pandora launched ad targeting on connected home devices this week, claiming that 10 million users listen to the music-streaming site from Amazon Echo, Sonos devices and more.

7. Social-worthy gifts
This year, Generation Z wants to make sure that their gifts look great on social media.

According to a report from Sweety High, 58 percent of girls aged 13 to 16 want to receive gifts that are “Instagram-worthy” and pop on social media. To compare, 29 percent of girls aged 17 to 19 say the same while 26 percent of 20 to 22-year-olds said that they’re looking for social gifts.

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