$75 eCPM? Some developers are seeing it with PlayHaven

Developers using PlayHaven’s mobile marketing tools are seeing their effective cost per thousand impressions (eCPM) as high as $75 in the service’s More Games cross-promotion widget and $30 for interstitial ads.

According to chief executive officer Andy Yang, the company — which bills itself as the mobile game lifetime value maximization platform — delivers the best eCPMS on mobile. Calculated by dividing the total advertising earnings by the total number of impressions in the thousands, eCPMS are usually closer $0.30 than they are to $20 or $30 — which is the average range of what PlayHaven’s More Games Widget claims to deliver. Developers payouts are based on how many installs of other games they generate.

“Yes, one of our publishers is seeing $75 eCPM. That’s pretty insane, even we did not expect that,” says Yang.

PlayHaven’s interstitial ads are also delivering some impressive numbers. The eCPM on the company’s interstitial ads typically ranges between $10 and $15, but Yang has seen figures as high as $30.

Yang tells us the Playhaven’s ads are so effective because the company uses a proprietary targeting system. “Mobile traffic and bid activity is volatile,” he explains. “We used to license something but it was just too slow, so we built our own from scratch.”

He also credits the quality of the users on the PlayHaven network, saying that advertisers call it the highest quality of gamers on any network. Yang believes that the quality of users also directly impacts the eCPM levels it delivers through its More Games cross-promotion widget.

“It’s extremely effective because its a user initiated action,” Yang says. “When they click on it, the user is clearly interested in finding more games, and I think that’s why we’ve seen such effectiveness.”

Available on both iOS and Android, PlayHaven’s tools are what the company calls “dynamic overlays” — HTML5 based interstitial promotions, announcements, advertisements and rewards that can be changed instantly without updating an app’s code. The company is currently in the process of rolling out new tools that will allow developers to capture emails and promote virtual goods by linking interstitial ads directly to an in-app purchase window. By April, developers will also be able to segment their audience based on spending habits, country, device or engagement time in order to better target their promotions.

Originally a social gaming network, then a mobile gaming community service, PlayHaven hit its stride after re-launching its service last September. In six months, PlayHaven has seen monthly game sessions climb to 520 million and impressions increase almost eight-fold. Its 700-strong customer list now counts the likes of Digital Chocolate, Halfbrick and Pocket Gems.

All together, PlayHaven’s tools are currently active in over 1,200 games. The company, which is backed by $3 million in funding from BV Capital and Tandem Entrepreneurs, monetizes by charging developers based on the number of messages (aka, how many announcements, promotions, advertisements and rewards) they send through the service. The first million messages are free, and after that PlayHaven charges by the thousand, with rates starting at $0.75 and decreasing based on volume. The company splits the revenue from interstitial ads 50/50 with developers.

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