80 percent of Bingo Blitz’s mobile revenue comes from Facebook-connected players

Facebook today published a developer spotlight blog post about Buffalo Studios’ Bing Blitz, stating that 80 percent of the game’s mobile revenue comes from Facebook-connected users who spend three times more and play twice as much as other users.

“One of the keys to sustaining long-term players has been to integrate Facebook deeply within our game on all platforms,” read a statement from Brooke Olson, Buffalo Games vice president, studio operations. “Facebook allows us to offer a connected game experience to players who use multiple devices or want to play with friends on different platforms. On mobile specifically, Facebook-connected players are more engaged and spend more, which leads to longevity with the game.”

Bingo Blitz also makes it easy for mobile users to connect their Facebook account. Users who connect to Facebook receive extra benefits including rewards, coin and credit syncing, ability to play with friends and 12 free credits. This has resulted in more than 50 percent of mobile players logging in with their Facebook credentials.

Our traffic tracking service AppData shows Bingo Blitz at the No. 64 spot in the top grossing iPad apps category on iOS and the No. 39 spot in the top grossing apps category on Android.

Facebook integration features coming soon to Bingo Blitz allows players to invite friends on any device. In addition, any user who’s playing on Bingo Blitz on a desktop through Facebook could switch to and continue playing the game on a mobile device.

Bingo Blitz is available for free on iOS, Android and Facebook.

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