9 Tips For Making A Successful Kindle Book From Atif Rafiq

Writing an book is tough enough, let alone formatting, marketing and selling it. To help self-published authors create an eBook for Amazon’s Kindle store, we asked Atif Rafiq, General Manager of Kindle Direct Publishing, for tips on how to have success with your Kindle eBook.

With many readers choosing Kindles as their eReader and Amazon paying royalty rates as high as 70%, self-published authors should make sure their books are available through the retailer. Here are Rafiq’s tips for creating a great Kindle book:

1. Write a great book, and edit and proofread it well.

2. Know your audience: Writing and publishing a book is just the first step – marketing your book takes a lot of time and effort and focusing in on the people who are most likely to purchase your book helps you be efficient and effective.

3. Create a compelling cover.

4. Write a compelling description of the book.

5. Preview your published eBook to ensure it’s formatted properly.  KDP provides a previewer that allows you to see what the book content will look like on the reader’s device.”

6.  Discover the best sales strategy for your book by trying various price points and observing the impact on your sales volume.

7. Join Author Central to introduce yourself to your readers.

8. Upload videos and book trailers.

9. Promote your book online. Use social networks such as Facebook and Twitter, create a website for your book, post on message boards, join user communities and promote your book on other sites across the Web.


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