A Beginner’s Guide to Thwarting Hackers: Infographic

Every device user should think about security, whether you own a PC, smartphone, or tablet.

SecurityCoverage is launching a new app for Android today. Password Genie helps increase your security by making it easier to have long and complex passwords. This app tracks your passwords on your Android smartphone or tablet. It can also store other important info like you credit card numbers, insurance info, pin numbers, garage codes, prescription information, hotel points and frequent flyer numbers, and more. This app can even sync with the Windows and OSX app, thus saving you the effort of having to type in the passwords on your smartphones tiny on-screen keyboard.

And in order to show you why you need better passwords, SecurityCoverage also released the following infographic. It highlights how and why your data could be at risk. It also lists several of the more splashy security breaches from the past 10 years.

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