A Bunch of Celebrities Want You to Vote (Again)

Wow, is it really time to vote again? (Just kidding, we’ve already voted in two primaries this year.)

But what is it with celebrities and voting? Seems like every two or four years we get a new lineup of familiar faces trying to convince us that participating in representative democracy is cool or something.

This year, a few big names showed up to rep a group that couldn’t come up with a better name than “Vote 4 Stuff”: the lineup includes Selena Gomez (whose boyfriend can’t vote because he’s Canadian), Leonardo DiCaprio (who really cares about the Earth), Jonah Hill (who may be trying just a little too hard here) and Tobey Macguire (who was easily the best Spider-Man, sorry Andrew Garfield):

At least this spot makes a few stabs at humor before settling into self-serious lecture mode (much like 2008’s “Don’t Vote” ad). It’s also a little more interactive than past campaigns in that it encourages viewers to make response videos inspired by their pet stuff. Surely someone will come up with an amusing reply.

Snark off for a moment: We should be concerned about the fact that 90 million Americans will refrain from voting this year for whatever reason. But do these PSAs work? Well, more than 5 million people have registered through Rock the Vote over the program’s twenty year lifespan (including an impressive 2.5 million in 2008 alone), so there must be something to it.

But is there a pro-voting message out there that’s a little more to our liking? Ah yes, here we go:

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