A Closer Look At The Front Page Bruin Ad

When we reported that the Tuesday edition of the Daily Bruin had run an advertising wrap as the front page, we didn’t realize the ad was made to look like the front page of the newspaper. Clearly, the full-page ad shown below was designed to confuse and mislead the reader. So we were surprised that the editorial by the Bruin staff expressing their dismay over the ad received harsh criticism from journalist Amy Alkon. In her blog she writes:

Idiots! Idiots! Perhaps partly because I’m somebody who started in advertising … I have respect for advertising. Also, perhaps because I’m not a drooling idiot.
The ads, you teenaged twats, are what keeps the paper in business. If you go on to real newspapers, you’d do well to be really nice to the sales staff, and even thank them from time to time. Without them, you’ll be writing P.R. copy or working as a barista — if you’re lucky.

Alkon blog found via Ed Padgett
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