A Cool Career Cheat Sheet

It’s a couple months old now but anyone unsure about their current job should look at this one-page “cheat sheet” made by Sarah Peck.

Peck says she looks at this sheet every few months, either with herself or with a friend.

“I use these periodically to determine whether or not to take on freelance work, whether or not I’m happy at my current position, and also to determine if your job is a good fit for YOU. By many accounts, it may be a great job — for someone else. If you have a few “yes” answers below and a few things to figure out; congrats, you’re in good shape. If you have more than half yeses, and a few things to work on, killer. And if you have all yeses, like the folks I recently bantered with about their new start-up, then you’re doing what you were made to do.”

You can download the full-size chart at her site. Good luck!