A Fully Baked Idea: Foodie, the Social Network for Food Lovers

Foodie, just recently launched by Glam Media, is sometimes called a food social network.  But unless my Mahi-Mahi is looking to post pictures of its trip to the coral reef online, a network dedicated to food won’t take off.  Foodie is actually a social network dedicated to food lovers, and I took a look at it over the last few days to see whether it’s fully baked.

If you sign up, the first thing you’ll notice is that FB and Twitter connect are both an option.  After you sign in, they strangely ask you for your name and your blog name.  For a casual user like me I wasn’t exactly sure if they meant that it would be the name of the blog I create here at Foodie or whether they wanted an external blog — a few lines later it became clear they wanted to know if I had an external blog.  I hope they rename the form titles in the future.

After the sign up, you get to choose from a variety of Foodies to follow, but seeing as I am not entirely sure of who these people are it was pretty much a random sampling for me.   It might be nice to see what these specific Foodies focus on so I can choose someone that matches my taste: “John is a low-carb chef.”

I just chose a couple of people at random and clicked through, and I have to tell you — the site is awesome.  Two things contribute to the fun: a classy cappucino layout and a news feed full of people highlighting their favorite recipes.  I mean, in a few seconds I had found a quick recipe for Bacon Asiago Popcorn.  It looked amazing and all the instructions were below.  I was able to like, Tweet or comment on it, as well as find similar recipes.

One of the cool things about the site is the way it seamlessly blends content and social profiles.  At a glance, the site looks like any other food/recipe site (albeit a well designed one), but when clicking on the ‘recipes’ section you can see the various recipes along with the people that submitted them.  Simple, but a good way to connect with someone that likes your niche in food.

There’s also a discussion forum area where you can exchange ideas; a restaurants section with lists of recommended restaurants (coming soon); and a foodies sectiont o look at featured users and follow them.  It definitely feels like a strong niche network, and I recommend you try it out and let us know what you think.