A Glimpse Inside the Fishbowl…

Every so often I get an email from Fishbowl Peter that gives me pause. Maybe like every hour I get an email from him that gives me pause. Wednesday was no exception. I must preface this by explaining that the below scene played out after his young son found a story he took much pride in writing that bore this headline: “ABC7 Shits the Bed.”

Subject line: People who tell stories about their kids all the time are awful.

So, I promise I won’t do that..  However, I had to share…I keep forgetting that my 7-year-old is able to read pretty well. (I typically just consider all people below the age of 18 to have the same social status and brain function as a cat). Over dinner this evening, he says..  “What’s FishbowlDC? I saw that you wrote some stuff on your computer and you said shit on there and I’m not supposed to say that.” To which my 4-year-old replied that if he ever heard me “say shit”, he would “call the police and they will shoot me in the face.” This is as clear a picture as I can paint of life in Ogburnistan.

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