A ‘Museums in Recession’ Timeline and the Shepard Fairey/AP Battle Gets Absurd

Couple of interesting art and museum things to keep you occupied for the next little while over at ArtInfo. First, they’ve put together a great timeline for all the ups and downs (mostly the latter) in the museum world since the economy headed south, beginning with September 18th’s news that the Detroit Institute of Arts saying it would be cutting nearly a million dollars from its 2009 budget and had suffered “total losses of almost $100 million in the past decade.” And it ends just this week with the Brooklyn Museum‘s announcement of more cuts. Second, the Associated Press vs. Shepard Fairey story keeps getting more ridiculous, as now Fairey is saying that it wasn’t he who broke copyright laws but the AP for repeatedly publishing his Obama piece without his permission. This, to us, is about as absurd as this thing can get and runs the real risk of damaging the good grace Fairey had received lately by championing artists’ rights just a few weeks back.