Comedians Tweet For #CancersNoJoke April Fools Day Awareness Campaign

Comedians like Sarah Colonna, Josh Wolf and Fran Drescher are joining forces in an April Fools Day campaign that is anything but funny: they’ll be tweeting on behalf of @AbolishCancer to encourage people to become bone marrow donors, a serious topic indeed.

The idea behind this campaign is to subvert April Fools Day – which is a day typically known for humor and pranks – and draw people’s attention to something more serious.

Each year in the US alone, there are over 10,000 people in need of a bone marrow donation from someone they’re not related to. And each year, only half of these people actually find their match.

@AbolishCancer is hoping that this Twitter campaign will lead to more people signing up to be bone marrow donors to help save lives.

The comedians will spend April Fools Day tweeting about the need for bone marrow donors, and providing information to their followers about how to sign up to become one. They will also encourage their followers to share the need for donors with their own social circles.

Sarah Colonna, who appears as a regular on the Chelsea Lately Show, explains why she is excited to be part of this campaign:

“I’m excited and proud to support @AbolishCancer on April 1st for their #CancersNoJoke campaign again this year to help bring attention to the need for more bone marrow donors. It’s really easy to register as a bone marrow donor, and you might help save a life…it’s a win-win!”

There are over 25 comedians and celebrities behind the #CancersNoJoke campaign, tweeting to help save a life. You can get more information about @AbolishCancer’s campaign, including how to become a donor yourself, at their website.

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