Irish Technology Writer Wins LA Film Prize

It’s not exactly the Los Angeles or AFI Film festival. Still, Action/Cut is enough of a reason for Irish technology journalist Ian Campbell to celebrate.

His short film Nothing Nowhere was one of five merit award winners chosen alongside a 2011 Grand Prize winner, scoring a Best Foreign Film citation. The 11-minute crime thriller stars  a couple of up-and-coming local stage actors and along with various Irish media items, has Campbell doing the dance at his (now actualized) blog

Well damn me, we did it… Everything anyone tells you about this being a collaborative art is spot on because every time I look at the film (and that’s not often these days because I’m sick to death of it), I see all the component parts that people brought to the party.

Action/Cut is a nice one to be part of. It’s not part of the premiere short film festival circuit but it’s run by film professionals who like a bit of Hollywood pazazz. Well me too. I liked the look of previous winners which is why I entered in the first place. Didn’t expect to win anything though.

The Scottish born creator of and freelancer for the Irish Times, the Sunday Business Post and other publications is already at work on a second film. He may need another URL, too, along the lines of

@hollywoodspin Richard Horgan is co-editor of Fishbowl.