Adler & Haddad Launch

Haddad with NBC WH Correspondent Chuck Todd
Tammy Haddad and BizBash Media CEO David Adler announced the launch of their new project, this morning. The two have teamed up with former ABC News producer Linda Schoumacher Rozett, former Variety Bureau Chief Bill Triplett and former 60 Minutes producer Holly Fine to create the website.
The new site is dedicated to covering the reporters who cover the White House and is aimed at giving visitors an insider view of the White House briefing room, the administration’s press office and staff.
“The website will put a spotlight on the White House briefing room – so much has been a mystery until now,” Haddad told FishbowlDC. “We are going to lift the veil between the correspondents and the White House to explain who decides what and why,” she said.
WHCInsider debuted with text and video interviews of Chuck Todd, ABC News’ Jake Tapper and the D.C. Examiner’s Julie Mason. In addition, the site features the briefing room seating chart, a roundup of politically-oriented widgets and news feeds from White House Communications staff and correspondents.
But as LeVar Burton would say…don’t take my word for it. Check out for yourself.

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