Adobe and Stanza Team Up to Create eBook Catalog Standard: Open Publication Distribution System

Current view of Stanza’s eBook Catalog
ReadWriteWeb tells us…
Adobe Teams Up With Stanza to Create Open EBook Catalog Standard
This eBook catalog standard is called Open Public Distribution Center. It is usually referred to simply as OpenPub. The project site can be found on Google Code…
…which summarizes the project as:

OpenPub is an initiative of Lexcycle, Adobe, the Internet Archive, and O’Reilly Media to create an Open Publication Distribution System (OPDS) enabling the widespread discovery, description, and access of book and other published material on the open web. OPDS utilizes existing or emergent open standards and conventions such as ATOM with a priority on simplicity and extensibility.

If you have an iPhone, you can download the free Stanza app and take a look at the end-user view of its eBook catalog system (see my screenshot above for an example).

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