Adore Games Releases World of Magic Petals on Facebook

World of Magic PetalsCasual game developer Adore Games has launched World of Magic Petals on Facebook, a flower-themed bubble shooting game that sees players helping a fairy named Vicky break the spells of an evil sorcerer, one level at a time. Each level has a different board layout and goal, and players must complete these levels without running out of shots.

In World of Magic Petals, players shoot flowers at flower arrangements in the middle of the screen, with the goal of creating matches of three-or-more like-colored flowers to remove them from the board. As players take shots, the flower formation rotates around a diamond in the center of the screen, which may help or challenge players, depending on the current flower arrangement.World of Magic PetalsLevels become more complicated over time, with larger flower formations to clear and different goals to complete. For example, one stage may ask players to clear a large number of specific kinds of flowers, while another may challenge players to free bees that have been trapped in bubbles, by clearing all of the flowers surrounding them.

Gamers have access to power-ups as they play. One activates a limited-time aiming trajectory line, which helps players line up tricky bounce shots, while a rocket can be used to clear a large group of flowers in a vertical line after it’s been deployed, and so on.

Players earn up to three stars and three diamonds on each stage, depending on their final score. Users can compare their scores with their friends’ on level-specific leaderboards. Diamonds are used to purchase additional power-ups, after the game’s free supply runs out.

World of Magic Petals is available to play for free on Facebook.