Adweek Together: The Future of AR

Marketing professor and Adweek Academic Council member Joachim Scholz on how to create an engaging experience

Joachim Scholz joins Ko Im. Adweek
Headshot of Ko Im

Augmented reality has been on the rise as a marketing tool. It brings the in-store buying experience into consumers’ homes, especially as physical stores close or remain closed during the pandemic. And the technology is evolving, with platforms adding cool new features and the next generation using it to power cause-related campaigns

As Joachim Scholz, marketing professor at Brock University and part of our Adweek Academic Council, says, “Augmented reality is clearly having a moment.”

But there are also potential blind spots that may be overlooked in creating these exciting experiences. Scholz offers a few examples where AR shines on this week’s episode of Adweek Together.

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