Agawi offers AGP Gold program to bring mid-core games, MMOs to Windows 8

Game streaming startup Agawi is hoping to entice more mid-core and massively multiplayer online (MMO) developers to bring their games to Windows 8 with its new AGP Gold program.

Short for Agawi Game Partner Program, the initiative will be an ongoing effort, but Agawi is sweetening the deal for early sign-ups. Companies that join the program now will have the chance to have their games featured in Agawi’s Windows 8 app, which will launch alongside Window 8 on Oct. 26. According to today’s press release, AGP Gold is open to all developers, although Agawi has said it will favor social mid-core and MMO-type titles when choosing which games to feature.

“It’s a great opportunity for web-based mid-core and MMO game developers to make the leap over to mobile and tablet-based gaming,” said Agawi co-founder Peter Relan in a statement accompanying today’s news.

A Microsoft partner themselves, Agawi uses Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform to stream games to desktops, laptops, mobile devices and tablets running Windows 8, which according to the company eliminates the need to port a game to make it run on the new OS.

Originally a flash-based game streaming service called iSwifter, Agawi renamed itself and pivoted to focus on mid-core and hard-core targeted games in Aug. 2012.