Agency of the Year; Countdown to Christmas: Monday’s First Things First

Plus, ET reunites with Elliott

This is the first time in 12 years that an agency has won Adweek's U.S. Agency of the Year title twice in a row. - Credit by Rebecca Greenfield for Adweek
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Wieden + Kennedy Named Adweek’s Agency of the Year

Well this is exciting. Wieden + Kennedy has been named Adweek’s 2019 U.S. Agency of the Year. This is the first time in 12 years that an agency has won Adweek’s U.S. Agency of the Year title twice in a row. It’s a title well-earned seeing as Wieden + Kennedy impacted culture so heavily in 2019. While the agency’s Portland mothership has historically overshadowed other offices, the New York branch came into its own in 2019, and is talked about with the same reverence as Portland. Another factor in W+K’s victory? Winning perhaps the most coveted account up for grabs: McDonald’s.

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Oh, It’s the Most Lucrative Time of the Year

If we told you Hallmark’s ’round the clock holiday content wasn’t always what it is today, would you believe us? Well the proof is in the (Christmas) pudding. As Countdown to Christmas celebrates its 10th anniversary this year, the franchise has certainly grown. Adweek’s TV/Media editor Jason Lynch gives you an inside look at how.

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ET Reunites With Elliott

E.T. and Elliott have finally reunited 37 years later. But sorry 80s babies, the reunion wasn’t for a sequel, but for an Xfinity spot about how technology brings people together. In the spot, E.T. returns to earth 37 years later to reunite with Elliott, who now has his own family, with kids who are the same age as he and his siblings were during the movie.

Watch it: ET reunites with Elliott, but for an Xfinity ad, not a movie sequel.

The Biggest Black Friday Ever Saw $7.4B in Online Sales

What did you buy for Black Friday? Did you buy it on your phone? After the longest possible wait, consumers were ready to shop when Black Friday 2019 finally arrived. Top products came from Frozen 2, Nerf and Paw Patrol. Top electronics included Air Fryers, AirPods and Samsung TVs.

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Best of the Rest: Today’s Top News and Insights

Ad of the Day: Walmart’s New Ad Wants to Make You Cry

When Adweek spoke to Walmart’s executive vice president and chief customer officer earlier this year, Janey Whiteside said she wanted to forge emotional connections with customers and focus on more purpose-driven elements.

Now, the retail giant has an ad that marks a move in that direction.

How does your company help younger or new employees effectively convey ideas and feel like their voice is welcomed in the room?

Jordan Parisi, senior talent acquisition partner, Havas Media Chicago

We have a WTF (what the fix box), an anonymous way that employees can share their ideas on ways to improve the office and our culture.

Alexis Madison, senior digital strategist, Deutsch NY

There’s an inherent intimidation that comes with sharing your ideas on a new team. One of the ways I try and ease new team members into the group is by making sure I take time to work with them one on one before a larger team huddle. It helps me understand who they are without the pressure of having a big group around and it lets them know they have an ally in the room for the next round. If it helps, I’m always willing to tee up their idea in a meeting and then turn the ball over to them so they can drive it home.

Kristina Crocker Jones, head of customer success, Amplify, Outbrain

We have a big focus on helping build confidence in younger employees! When these team members bring good ideas or insights to their peers or managers in one-to-one conversations, we do our best to reinforce the value of what they are bringing to the table and often ask them to share with the larger team in our weekly meetings. The more they have these experiences, the more they start to feel confident to speak up naturally in group settings.



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