‘Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty’ Looks to be Headed to London, Victoria & Albert Museum Vocal About Wanting It

It appears that the masses have gotten their way, so far as “masses” refers to “people in London.” As we wrote about back at the start of the month, several grassroots movements had sprung up following the closure of the Met‘s record-setting Alexander McQueen exhibition, calling for it to start touring. At that time, there were rumors that it might actually happen, with a first stop possibly at the Victoria & Albert Museum in London. Now it appears that’s inching closer to reality. The Art Newspaper reports that the V&A is in talks with McQueen’s company (owned by Gucci), with new director of the museum, Martin Roth, mightily pushing to try and make it happen. Here’s a bit:

All options are being explored, even the idea of putting it on at another location if space is unavailable in South Kensington. On Roth’s first day at work in September he began contacting the key players. Although nothing has yet been arranged, he is determined to press ahead.

However, Gucci has told the paper that they’ve been in talks with several organizations in London about a show, but nothing has been decided of yet. Still, that comment seems to indicate that the move to the UK is more than likely imminent, at the V&A or otherwise. We’d imagine that every museum in London must at least be thinking about trying to land it, considering what a smash success it was in New York, and McQueen being a native of the city.

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