Ali in Wonderland at the Four Seasons

From L to R: Ali showing off an Ali in Wonderland cookie; Elizabeth Thorp, Sissy and Ali.

Last night was a magical evening at the Four Seasons for Ali Wentworth, who was there to have her new book, Ali in Wonderland: And Other Tall Tales, feted by the likes of dignitaries, socialites, the hotel, Elle Magazine Editor-in-Chief Robbie Myers and Hunter and Kathy Biden, the son and daughter-in-law of the Vice President of the United States.

The setting was only fitting as Ali’s family always had an affection for the Four Seasons and she mentioned it in her book.

Among the party highlights: A gigantic table full of chocolate shavings and pieces. All kinds, all shapes and sizes. Hors d’ oeurves of all varieties — scallops on a bed of papaya salad on miniature silver spoons that were not all that easy to eat, tiny toasts dotted with goat cheese, mushroom bruschetta, and then ricotta cheese and apricot, and beef, lamb and vegetable kabobs. A table stacked gloriously high with Ali in Wonderland frosted shortbread cookies. Oh, and glass after glass of pink champagne.

“I didn’t want to particularly enlighten people,” Wentworth told me about her book before the crowd spilled in. “I just want to make people laugh.”

Asked how she feels about her husband, ABC’s George Stephanopoulos, returning to “This Week,” she replied, “I’m really happy. I know it’s a huge workload, but it makes him happy. It’s his wheelhouse.” Asked to compare Washington, where she grew up, and NYC, she said, “I like each city for completely different reasons. Life is easier here. But in New York, you can get a fantastic steak frites at 3 in the morning.”

Though she recently appeared on HBO’s “Real Time with Bill Maher” she says she tries to avoid saying anything too politically stinging. That said, she likes to go on TV and mix it up with people. As for swearing on air, she says, “If you’re a comedian you can swear, if you’re a politician, certainly you have to be careful.”

Wentworth’s older sister, Sissy, was there. As was USA Today‘s Ann Oldenberg, Washingtonian‘s Carol Joynt, a photographer from Capitol File, Poshbrood’s Elizabeth Thorp, BrandLink publicist Barbara Martin, lobbyist and socialite Juleanna Glover and more. Rumors were abound that V.P. Joe Biden was on his way. But in the end, it was his son and daughter-in-law who arrived.

“People often ask who’s older and it gets to her,” said Sissy, a jewelry designer. As for the book, she says, “I think it’s hysterical. Very funny. All true with some embellishments.” She said she read it on a plane from Houston to Tucson and overheard two women going on about it. Fortunately all good things.

Sissy says Ali was always the funny one: “Always clamoring for attention. Constant entertainment. She’s doing what she always did in our living room growing up.” She says Ali’s humor got her out of trouble, not in it. “I always admired that quality,” she said. “She was the funny risk taker.”

Just in from Paris, Elle‘s Myers was jet-lagged but pleased to be able to co-host the party for Ali. They have a personal friendship, but Robbie is loathe to overstate it. “We’re friendly,” she said, explaining that Ali in Wonderland won the magazine’s Reader’s Prize for February.

Contrary to Ali and Sissy, Robbie (pictured above left) thinks there’s more to Ali’s book than just humor. “It’s not just funny, there’s a lot there,” she said. “It’s highly entertaining. She had a very interesting [upbringing] and it’s an interesting window into a life women dream about and aspire to.”


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