Alibaba to Launch Tablet Computer by Year’s End

The scandal-ridden Chinese retail giant Alibaba announced today that it plans to release a new tablet within the next 2 months.

Details are still scarce, but several online sources are reporting that Wang Jian, Alibaba Group’s chief architect and president of Alibaba Cloud Computing spoke with reporters today and laid out the company’s future plans. Alibaba also plans to release an English language version of an English language version of its recently released operating system, Aliyun. (Curiously enough, this story was even on The Wall Street Journal website – before the story was edited to remove references to the tablet.)

Specific hardware details were nit discussed, but Alibaba is believed to be in discussions with several hardware manufacturers, possibly including Foxconn, Wistron, Asus, and others. This tablet would probably be released only in the mainland China market, and it’s not likely to appear elsewhere.

Alibaba is also looking at releasing a smartphone, and like the tablet it will run Aliyun.

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