All Other Papers May Die, But The Times Will Stand

The Politico has an interesting article today covering the ribbon cutting ceremony for a new building that will house Stanford’s student newspaper The Stanford Daily. Presiding over the event was New York Times‘ illustrious executive editor Bill Keller. After acknowledging in his opening statements that presiding over this ribbon cutting ceremony was a lot like honoring the opening of a new Pontiac dealership, he went on to make some striking, some harrowing and some down right bombastic statements about the newspaper industry and NYT‘s place within it.
Below are a few choice highlights from the event:
“The Internet still isn’t a source for much ‘indigenous’ reporting.” He did proceed to note a few publications&#151including Politico and the Smoking Gun&#151have earned the respect of journalists. Wow, I bet Michael Calderone is wiping some sweat from his brow. Clearly his work is all about gaining the respect of the NYT.
“Saving the New York Times now ranks with saving Darfur as a high-minded cause.” Bono might disagree, but we digress.
“The Times will be ‘left standing after the deluge.'” Really? The Times in its current incarnation? Some news pundits have doubts. Though he did go on to qualify the statement, contending that readers offered to donate money to keep the Times alive and suggested that GM probably isn’t getting similar offers. That is true, unless you consider the fact that the government, and there by the people, are currently paying for GM’s bailout.
All in all some interesting comments were made. Check out the full report here.