Amazon Digital Content Sales Up 21% In January: eDataSource

Amazon digital content sales were up 21% in January  from December, according to new analysis from eDataSource which analyzed more than 50,000 Amazon receipts sent via email.

According to the analysis, Amazon’s average order value for digital items dropped from $2.22 in November to $1.18 in January.

eDataSource explains in more detail on its blog: “… if we look at the types of content that Kindle Fire purchasers downloaded both before and after the Kindle started shipping on November 14, we see that Android app consumption is declining while consumers’ appetite for books and videos is rising pretty significantly. Before the Kindles were first delivered, book sales were about $16/person and video-on-demand sales totaled about $11.50/person. After the initial delivery, books have gone up to about $18.28 and videos have risen to $19.70/person. On the other hand, Android App sales went from about $2.60 to $1.08/person.”