Amazon Game Studios Announces Three Games for Fire Phone, Tablets

Amazon Game Studios has today revealed three of its upcoming titles, launching exclusively on Fire Phone or Fire tablets. The games come in multiple themes, from exploration and puzzle-solving in Til Morning’s Light, to the tower defense gameplay of CreepStorm. A third title, Tales from Deep Space, is a comic adventure title.

Til Morning’s Light stars a young girl named Erica, trapped inside a mansion with a 200-year-old curse. The game sees players surviving until morning by exploring the mansion, solving puzzles, battling evil creatures and more. Gamers can utilize Fire Phone’s “dynamic perspective” as they explore Erica’s environments. An audio prequel has been created in association with the game, told through Erica’s private blog posts. The prequel is available for free on Audible.

Next is CreepStorm, a tower defense title that sees a team of slayers working to destroy the world’s most powerful vampire. The game’s RPG mechanics see users upgrading their heroes as they destroy waves of the undead, with character skill trees also being available. Outside of the single-player story mode, users will have access to competitive online multiplayer matches against other gamers. CreeptStorm will launch exclusively on Fire tablets.Tales from Deep SpaceFinally, Tales from Deep Space is a comic adventure title set on Big Moon, an eccentric space station. Users help E, a traveling salesman, and his luggage drone CASI, escape from Big Moon after its thrown into lockdown mode. Players solve puzzles, complete battles and more as they unravel the game’s mysterious plot. Users will be able to swap control between the two characters, or play with a friend in two-player co-op mode. Tales from Deep Space is coming exclusively to Fire tablets.

Specific release dates for these games haven’t been announced, but we’re told they will all launch later this year. Check back soon for more.