Amazon Temporarily Pulls ‘Buy Button’ On Kindle Books

If you tried to buy a Kindle book in the last hour in the United States, you were probably unable to do so. For some reason Amazon pulled the buy button on all eBooks available from As of 3:55 pm ET, the issue appears to have been fixed on most titles.

For example, if you tried to buy a bestseller such as The Girl Who Played With Fire, the Kindle price is unavailable. And it says, “This title is not available to customers from: United States.” This is especially crazy news, since Harry Potter books just became available in the Kindle store today and Amazon even sent out a press release about it today.

GalleyCat has more: “In the Kindle Forums, user Duncan Lockhart posted a message reportedly from Kindle Direct: ‘We are currently working on a website issue that is affecting the buy box for Kindle books. Some Kindle books are not displaying pricing information and show as unavailable. We anticipate the issue will be resolved shortly, and will update the network when it’s been fixed.'”

EDITOR’S NOTE: This story is breaking news and has been updated as more information has become available.

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