Amazon Will Open a Pop-Up Store in New York City

Hanging sign near Empire State Building

Amazon, a longtime foe of brick-and-mortar stores, is hanging out a real sign of its own in a planned New York City outlet. The e-tailer plans to set up a pop-up shop in the Big Apple in time for the holidays.

The temporary store will appear across from the Empire State Building on 34th Street, and could show off some of Amazon's gadgetry like Kindle Fire tablets, phones and connected-TV boxes.

The location could also be used as a hub for gift deliveries and picking up online orders, according to The Wall Street Journal, which first reported on the store.

This isn’t the first time that the digital player has tried its hand at real-world retail. Last year, it popped up a kiosk in a San Francisco mall.

Amazon is not the only tech company trying to infiltrate New York with stores. Microsoft is opening a permanent location down the block from Apple's Fifth Avenue store.

Microsoft has opened pop-up holiday stores in Manhattan, as well.